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4Front (www.4frontfamily.com) is a leading retail and brand development company in the U.S. cannabis sector. 4Front’s national platform consists of its Mission-branded retail operations and a far-reaching network of partnerships across multiple states. Led by a group of professionals experienced in finance, real estate, manufacturing and multi-location retail and hospitality operations, 4Front provides a comprehensive suite of management skills and hands-on operating expertise that can support the rapid growth opportunity afforded by the increased legalization of cannabis both domestically and globally.


Canndescent (www.canndescent.com) is a California-compliant cultivator of ultra-premium cannabis with cultivation facilities located in Desert Hot Springs. Canndescent cultivates premium flower and distributes its products directly to retail dispensaries throughout the state. The company markets its brands based on effect, or how the consumer wants to feel – Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Canndescent is currently the #1-selling premium flower brand in California and the Company is introducing a proprietary vape product, the Stylus Vape Series, in February 2019.


CB2 Insights (www.cb2insights.com) is an established, cannabis-focused solutions provider whose mission is to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive, data-driven software and clinical services – transforming the way the global cannabis industry evolves through actionable insights, evaluation, and education. Founded in 2014, CB2 Insights ensures that big data is central to the evolution of the industry, implemented by all industry stakeholders to improve cannabis companies’ methodology and efficiency. 


Cresco Labs (www.crescolabs.com) is one of the most trusted and fastest growing cannabis companies in the world. From careful cultivation to consistent distribution, Cresco provides a portfolio of brands thoughtfully made for every consumer. As one of the largest multi-state, vertically integrated cannabis companies, Cresco controls its cultivation, manufacturing, extraction and packaging practices, staying involved at every point in the seed-to-sales process. Cresco's facilities are powered by world-class agronomists, manufacturing experts and state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, all of which drive a commitment to quality, purity and consistency. Cresco packages, ships and distributes products nationwide, including locations owned and operated by the Cresco team


Dharma (www.dharmacann.com) is one of the 5 licensed medical cannabis companies in the state of Virginia.  Located in Bristol, Virginia the Company's mission is to provide patients with high-quality products from a compassionate, professional, knowledgeable staff.


Emerald Scientific (www.emeraldscientific.com) is the first and only company to distribute scientific equipment and supplies exclusively to the cannabis industry, offering everything—from start to finish—for cannabis analysis, testing, production, and extraction.  Emerald supplies industry-leading scientific instruments, chemicals, laboratory supplies and technical service to cannabis testing labs, extraction facilities, genetics and seed companies, and university and pharmaceutical labs investigating cannabis related compounds. Emerald advocates for collaboration, transparency, and evolution of the cannabis market toward more reliable and sophisticated science.


GL Brands (www.glbrands.com) is a hemp consumer packaged goods company that creates authentic, enduring and culturally relevant brands engaged in the development and sale of cannabis-derived wellness products. Through its premier brands Green Lotus and IrieCBD, GL Brands delivers a full portfolio of hemp-derived CBD products, including tinctures, softgels, gummies, sparkling beverages, vapes and topical segments to promote greater wellness and balance, in the U.S. and throughout the world. GL Brands’ growth model leverages deep industry experience, mature supply chains and creative disruption to build enduring and resilient hemp CPG brands that connect to meaning in people’s lives and drive sales through authentic relationships.


GrowGeneration (www.growgeneration.com) owns and operates specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores. Currently, GrowGen has 18 locations nationally. GrowGen carries and sells thousands of products, including organic nutrients and soils, advanced lighting technology and state-of-the-art hydroponic equipment for indoor and outdoor use by commercial and home growers. Subsequent to Merida’s investment, GrowGen listed publicly in October 2016.


Henry's Original (www.henrysoriginal.com) creates the highest quality clean green certified cannabis products on the market. Its cannabis comes from family-run farms in legendary Mendocino County, renowned for terroir that produces the finest cultivation conditions. Handcrafted in small batches, Henry's grows its cannabis using all-organic soil and products under the Californian sun among the fresh air of wild Mendocino County, carefully lab testing all of its products at ISO certified laboratories to ensure consistency and quality through every stage of the process.


Her Highness (www.herhighness.com) is a luxurious lifestyle brand of cannabis accessories for women, founded in 2017. The company's brand offers stylish smoker's couture from smoking utensils to cannabis-concerned housewares.


Ionization Labs (www.ionizationlabs.com), a Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. company, has created the best-of-breed QA/QC cannabinoid testing solution that offers accurate, simplified, and cost-effective chemical analysis. Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. is a development & productization team consisting of leading scientists, engineers, biochemists, and executive business development and management experts, all committed to making quality chemical testing available to the masses. 


JOVA Wellness Center (www.jovawellness.comis a medical cannabis dispensary located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Company's mission is to provide patients with a safe, secure location to obtain high-quality cannabis and cannabis products at a fair price from a compassionate, professional, knowledgeable staff.


Jushi is a private investment fund focused on cannabis and hemp cultivation, processing and retail assets across multiple states. The company has majority ownership of The Green Solution’s national franchise business, TGS National Holdings, with contractual rights to the Green Solution and Nectar Bee brands outside of Colorado. In addition, Jushi has a direct stake in a New York medical license holder, holds a hemp license in the state, and plans to launch a global medical cannabis division.


KushCo Holdings, Inc. (www.kushco.com) is a publicly traded company and parent to a diverse group of businesses that are transformative leaders in cannabis, CBD and other related industries. KushCo brands include Kush Supply Co., a dynamic sales and distribution platform that has become the nation’s largest and most respected distributor of vaporizer products, packaging, supplies, and accessories; Kush Energy, a provider of ultra-pure hydrocarbon gases and solvents to the cannabis sector; The Hybrid Creative, a premier creative design agency for cannabis and non-cannabis brands; and Koleto Packaging Solutions, a research and development arm driving intellectual property development and acquisitions. Founded in 2010, KushCo has now sold more than 1 billion units and regularly services more than 5,000 legally operated medical and adult-use dispensaries, growers, and producers across North America, South America, and Europe.


MainStem (www.gomainstem.com) is a technology-based ancillary product distribution company and the industry’s most comprehensive marketplace. Mainstem offers over 10,000 products including packaging, retail accessories, grow supplies, traceability equipment, and more. The company integrates its platform into popular industry software to maximize its customer reach and simplify the procurement process.


Manna Molecular Science (www.mannamolecular.com) is a technology development company focused on technological solutions for the delivery of whole-plant cannabinoids to patients. Manna’s vision is to create the safest and highest quality products using the latest advances in 3D printing technology. Manna currently offers a turnkey transdermal patch printer, the MannaBot One, and specially designed patches. The Manna transdermal patch is the first cannabis-optimized patch to be developed by real pharmaceutical scientists from MIT and Genzyme using state-of-the-art product design and research methods. Manna’s patch is now in use with 10 different operators across CA, CO, MD and WA. Manna is currently developing a second optimized technology for pill filling.


Materia Medica (www.materiamedicaprocessing.eu) is an Italian start-up engaged in the processing and formulation of CBD extract derived from the hemp plant. Initially, the company will produce and sell THC-free CBD extract into the wholesale market in Italy, followed by the development of branded retail products. The company purchases all of its biomass from EU certified growers, which is then converted into crude extract by third-party processors, which is then further distilled and formulated by Materia Medica Processing (MMP) in its proprietary lab located in Sienna, Italy


MCP Wellness is a vehicle formed to hold a 51% ownership interest in a Michigan-based dispensary owner.  The Company operates three dispensaries in Detroit, Michigan with plans to open four more dispensaries across the state.  Additionally, the Company plans to construct a state-of-the-art cultivation facility during 2019.


MediaJel (www.mediajel.com) is a mobile advertising company that lets marketers build distinct and lasting relationships with their customers. With its extensive IP and aggregated data on “green-light” marketing channels outside of the cannabis industry, MediaJel knows better than anyone how and where to advertise cannabis products in the digital space.


Mode (www.mode.co) is a first-of-its-kind cannabis delivery device and companion app that provides an ideal cannabis experience, every time. With real-time dosing technology down to the milligram – you’re in control of how much and how often, no matter the cartridge or strain is based in Venice Beach and San Jose, CA.


New Frontier Data (www.newfrontierdata.com) is a business intelligence and data analytics company that provides objective, rigorous and comprehensive analysis and reporting for the cannabis industry. New Frontier’s data and reports, which can be purchased here at a 15% discount for Merida site visitors, have been cited in over 45 countries around the world to inform industry leaders. New Frontier, the premiere "Big Data as a Service Provider" in the sector, looks beyond the plant cultivation and distribution, to raise the industry bar and improve visibility into what will inevitably become a mature and more complex industry. Its Equio platform has been called the “Bloomberg Terminal” for cannabis operators.


Simplifya (www.simplifya.com) was founded in 2016 by partners from Vicente Sederberg, the law firm that led Colorado’s Amendment 64 campaign, and investors with proven track records in tech start-ups. Simplifya gives businesses the power to delegate, review, and proactively manage compliance tasks across all facilities and license types. Simplifya offers user-friendly tools for scheduling, audit management, and tracking issues while its team of team of experienced compliance professionals lends its experience in legal, operational and technological management to provide a 360-degree view of your cannabis compliance. 


Vertical Companies (www.vertcos.com) is a leading multi-state vertically integrated CPG company in the medical and adult-use cannabis industries, with a portfolio of 35 brands. Based in California, Vertical Wellness has cultivation, manufacturing and processing operations in CA, a cultivation license in Ohio and a cultivation and extraction facility in Arizona. Vertical is well-positioned to be a leader in the nation’s hemp-based CBD space and is investing heavily in expanding its 90,000 sq. ft. facility in KY, into a state-of-the-art industrial-scale facility to process large-scale cultivation and manufacture a wide range of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products


Vireo (www.vireohealth.comowns vertically integrated medical licenses – all of which were awarded to the company in competitive bidding processes -  in Minnesota, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Ohio (processing). The company was founded by a board-certified emergency medicine physician in Minnesota, with a stated goal to build a medical brand that promotes health and wellness. Management is intently focused on patient/physician education and outreach, strategically building relationships with health care practitioners in each of its markets. Over the past six months, Vireo has entered into binding purchase and sale agreements for cultivation, processing, and retail assets in Arizona, Puerto Rico, Nevada, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and California.


VividGro (www.vividgro.com) is a division of Lighting Science Group (LSG), a global leader that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent LED lighting solutions for consumer and commercial applications. VividGro’s mission focuses on the biological impact of light to create environments that promote health, wellness and sustainability.  Established in 2001, LSG has consistently pioneered human-centric products. VividGro is helping LSG pioneer the ag tech space, developing technology-based products that empower growers to create a superior cultivation environment.


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