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Our investment emphasis focuses on cultivation technologies, products and services associated with the evolution of cannabis as an agricultural product, a natural plant-based medicine, a constituent in pharmaceutical formulations, and an adult-use consumer product. Merida is invested in over 75 companies and manages over $252 million across five funds and co-investments.*

*All data as of 3/31/24

1906 2022png.png
3Fifteen Primo 2022.png
3Fifteen 2022.png
Anebulo 2022 (definitely need better version).png
azul wellness 2023.png
Bast Fibre Tech 2022.png
Black Buffalo.png
Canadian Rockies Hemp Co 2022.png
Cannabis Now 2022.png
Cellibre new Nov 2022.jpg
Chem ID.png
Convectium 2022 (get better version).png
Cresco Labs 2022.png
Goodness Growth 2022.png
GTI 2022.png
GrowGeneration 2022 (new WTPGTG).png
Henry's Original 2022 (get better version).png
HerHighness 2022.png
Heritage Cannabis 2022 (get better version).png
house of puff logo .jpg
Jerome Baker Designs 2022.png
Lowell Herb Co 2022.png
JOVA Wellness Center (get better version).png
Mainstem 2022 (new).png
Emerald Scientific 2022.png
Endocanna Health Logo 2023.png
GL Brands 2022 (get better version).png
Happy Cabbage2022.png
Harvest Care Medical 2022 (get better version).png
HempWood Logo (R). PNG.png
HHE Logo.png
Higher Learning Institutions 2022 (need better version).png
High Road 2022.png
Jushi 2022.png
Leaf 2022.png
Leafly 2022.png
Manna Molecular 2022.png
Materia Medica 2022 (need better version).png
MediaJel 2022.png
Miss Grass 2022.png
Mode 2022.png
Nautilus Botanicals LLC 01 2023.png
New Frontier Data 2022.png
New Leaf Data Services 2022 (need better version).png
Pantry 2022.png
Petalfast 2022.png
Phylos 2022.png
Pilgrim Soul 2022.png
Rev Genomics 2022.png
Sift 2022.png
Simplifya 2022.png
Sorse Technology.png
Slang 2022.png
Steep Hill.JPG
The Kind Group 2022 (need better version).png
Tokr 2022.png
TrueGreen Clearfield Communications 2logos.bmp
Vella 2022.png
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