Baruchowitz discusses the U.S. election and its potential impact on legalization

BBN Bloomberg, October 31, 2020

Merida's Mitch Baruchowitz told Canadian network BNN Bloomberg that in the wake of the U.S election, a movement toward legalization could unlock a vast amount of innovation in the cannabis space.

Election results are expected to indicate whether a pathway toward the federal legalization of cannabis will be possible over the next four years. While such legalization - at least on the federal level - is expected to take some time to play out, one potential development that could emerge is the possibility for academics and pharmaceutical companies to research cannabis.

"In a legalized world," said Baruchowitz, "I think you're going to see every university, every researcher who does any biology, plant-based or botanical work, trying to do something with cannabis. [Pharmaceutical companies] are just going to be messing with the plant all the time. I don't know how that doesn't lead to innovations or new products."

Baruchowitz's main argument stems from the fact that while it’s known that cannabis can assist with a variety of medical ailments, there's still a vast amount of untapped potential in the 100-plus cannabinoids present within the plant. At some point, he says one of those chemical compounds will be discovered to provide some sort of tangible benefit that no one has thought of yet.

"Maybe it's going to be something like ibuprofen connected with cannabis or CBD that could be proven to be more effective," he said. "We don't know yet, but the point is, it's worth a lot when someone figures out."

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