Cannabis Industry Leaders Give Insight Into 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, The Green Market Report asked some cannabis industry leaders what they think 2019 will bring for their companies and for the landscape in general.​

Merida's Mitch Baruchowitz was one of them. 

“We see 2019 in 2 distinct ways: The Rise of the Consumer, and the Rise of the Product. With a more developed consumer data landscape, companies will start focusing on the type of products offered. This will drive and be driven by segmentation of patients/consumers into more defined verticals. As that occurs, blurry lines on why people are consuming cannabis will become more clear, which will allow research and data to accelerate and further product specification to occur. When that happens, we will see the Rise of the Brand as companies compete in the defined segment-this might be more a 2020 phenomenon."

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