Harvest Care Medical Prepares to Launch Medical Cannabis Operations in West Virginia

Cannabis Business Times, October 28, 2020

As one of the West Virginia's 10 licensed medical cannabis cultivators, Merida portfolio company Harvest Care Medical aims to bring jobs and an in-state alternative to opioids, with the hope of becoming a vertically integrated operator.

In an October 28 piece featured on both Cannabis Business Times and its sister publication Cannabis Dispensary, father-and-son team Bill and Dustin Freas shared the history of Harvest Care Medical up to the present, along with the lessons they've learned from having launched successful cannabis businesses in other markets.

Harvest Care Medical's cultivation license allows the group to build out two grow facilities, one planned for Harrison County outside of Bridgeport, and the other in Kearneysville, located in Jefferson County. The team also submitted two processing license applications, as well as 10 dispensary applications.

Dustin Freas cited Harvest Care Medical's partnership with Merida Capital Holdings. Merida not only invested in the company but also advised on the application process and helped the Harvest Care team develop a roadmap for production in West Virginia.

“They just bring a tremendous amount of national and international resources across the board," he said. "We basically have a lot of depth with the relationships and abilities that we’ve built with some of these folks, and that’s critical.”

The Freases want Harvest Care Medical’s Jefferson County cultivation facility to be fully approved and operational by May, with plans for a brand-new, 35,000- to 40,000-square-foot indoor operation already under way. If the company receives a processor license, the processor facility will be co-located in the same building.

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