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Non-plant touching investments spanning federally legal cannabis infrastructure companies. *

*All data as of 6/30/23

Anebulo 2022 (definitely need better version).png
Bast Fibre Tech 2022.png
Black Buffalo.png
Brytemap 2022.png
Canadian Rockies Hemp Co 2022.png
Cannabis Now 2022.png
Cellibre new Nov 2022.jpg
Convectium 2022 (get better version).png
Emerald Scientific 2022.png
Endocanna Health Logo 2023.png
GL Brands 2022 (get better version).png
GrowGeneration 2022 (new WTPGTG).png
Happy Cabbage2022.png
Higher Learning Institutions 2022 (need better version).png
Ionization Labs 2022.png
Leaf 2022.png
Leafly 2022.png
Mainstem 2022 (new).png
Manna Molecular 2022.png
Materia Medica 2022 (need better version).png
MediaJel 2022.png
Miss Grass 2022.png
Mode 2022.png
New Frontier Data 2022.png
New Leaf Data Services 2022 (need better version).png
The Kind Group 2022 (need better version).png
Petalfast 2022.png
Tokr 2022.png
Reset Pharma 2022.png
Vella 2022.png
Simplifya 2022.png
Steep Hill.JPG
!WEPA! 2022.png
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